Traditional Thai Massage
Escape into the world of comfort
 Price: Start from $50.00

The traditional Thai Massage is a holistic healing therapy that focuses on complete wellbeing. In traditional Thai Massage different bodily movements and deep massage is involved to improve oxygenation of blood, to align energy flow within the body and to relieve stress. The pressure implied varies according to the body and acceptance level of the recipient. The traditional Thai Massage involves an intuitive relationship between the therapist and the recipient.

In all 3 principles of Thai Massage -Thai Traditional Medicines, Yoga and Ayurveda – it is believed that one’s life-force travels through subtle energy lines, and with a certain amount of pressure and calculated movements, this life-force can be moved throughout the body. The presence and free flow of this energy have the miraculous power to revitalise and heal the body.

The traditional Thai massage is far more calming yet energising than any other forms of massage. At Rainbow Moon, our certified, knowledgeable practitioners work to create a perfect harmonious atmosphere where you can relax and see yourself transform with every touch.

Service Charges

  • 30 mins: $50
  • 45 mins: $80
  • 1 hour: $90
  • 1.5 hours: $130
  • 2 hours: $170