Traditional Thai Massage


A traditional Thai massage is a wonder therapy for alleviating back pain, joint pain, mood swings and stress.

It is a unique form of therapy, based on traditional Thai techniques which are pillared on the firm foundation of helping and healing. Thai massage is a perfect amalgamation of Buddhist healing techniques, Indian Ayurveda and Yoga, believed to be created by Shivago Komarpaj, the physician of the Buddha, thus providing a holistic healing experience.

The traditional Thai massage works to balance the elements while regulating the internal flow of energies. Tensions and blocks, which essentially are a hindrance to the flow of energy and the cause of pain and ailments, are removed from muscles and joints by applying variable pressure on the body. Apart from the force used, the body is also stretched, compressed and rocked gently by an experienced Thai Therapist healing every cell and muscle in the process.

Every touch in Thai massage is well measured and is applied at the exact points to untie the tensed knots. The recipient is also initiated into certain Yoga postures that concentrate on the release of energy from the chakras. This alignment and balancing of Sen help in rejuvenating the body and the mind with increased flexibility improved blood circulation and postural symmetry.

With the passage of time, the 2500-year-old tradition has gone through several metamorphis. Though the core value of helping and healing has remained unchanged, the way in which Thai Massage is practised has changed over the years. At Rainbow Moon, we have only certified experts who have not only undergone professional training, but also have imbibed the values and core practices of Thai massage that are followed in traditional Thai culture, fusing tradition and training.
Thai Massage is unlike any other massage, here the emotional and physical framework of the customer needs to be taken into consideration first. We at Rainbow Moon customise therapies after gauging each client’s requirements to strike a perfect balance between physical and emotional well being.

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Traditional Thai Massage


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