Deep Tissue Massage
Promising an experience with every touch
 Price: Starts from $90

Unlike traditional Thai massage which encompasses overall wellbeing, Deep Tissue massage, works on curing chronic muscle pain and stiffness of joints. The pressure applied focuses on penetrating layers of muscles and connected tissues to heal them from inside out. The massage is a rhythmic fusion of deep finger pressure and slow but firm strokes. The deep tissue massage is believed to be effective in ailments such as arthritis and tendonitis. However, the deep tissue massage should only be performed by a certified practitioner. At Rainbow Moon, our expert certified practitioner has years of experience in deep tissue massage and has immense knowledge of Thai Traditional Medicine and anatomy; great care is taken in understanding a recipient’s medical condition and the procedures are customised to meet individual health requirements. Apart from muscle pain, deep tissue massage also works wonder on Blood Pressure and increases the production of happiness hormone, Serotonin.

Service Charges

  • 1 Hour: $90
  • 1.5 Hours: $130
  • 2 Hours: $170